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'23 Summer Picks

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Long time no see! I hope you guys like my rebranding of my Instagram and my website! I am excited to return to sharing my passion for fashion with all my favorite people. I hope you enjoy this new post of what I have been loving this summer!


I am in love with ballet flats. They take me back to the outfits my mom would put me in when I was three or four, and it makes me smile! I love it when pieces of clothing create a nostalgic feeling. Clothes, shoes, and accessories can be so powerful in that way, and mean so much more to you because of that. Clothes can be more than just material things - and that is how I feel about ballet flats! Not only can you get them in just about every color, a neutral shade or a bold metallic, but they go with just about every outfit. You can style them for a more casual look with denim and white linen button-down, or you can dress them up with a maxi dress. No matter what they will leave you feeling classic, dainty, and feminine! I will also be talking about ballet flats and many other shoe favorites in a post that is soon to come…. keep an eye out!


Every important woman has places to be! And haven’t you heard? Punctuality is in! Although being fashionably late will always be iconic, it is not an appropriate entrance for every occasion. That’s why every girl needs a watch. It obviously needs to be cute and classy, and not too much of an overstatement and never too much of an understatement. A statement will do! The boyfriend watch is the perfect pick. Based on your preference you can go for an all-silver look or an all-gold look! If you want the watch to be more versatile, take the two-tone route. Regardless you can’t go wrong, and let’s hope you will never be late again, unless it is fashionable ;)


Ok so, this might be a bit of a strange one, as I have never covered a person in one of my ‘favorites’ pieces but it would feel like a crime to leave Mrs. Sofia Richie Grainge out on this one. I am obsessed with her right now! Her style is so effortlessly chic, and she never fails to perfectly meet the occasion. Not to mention her wedding was insane. Me writing about her outfits would not do it justice so I will just leave some photos of my favorite looks of hers down below! If you are ever struggling for inspiration with your style, I recommend looking at what she is wearing; you can never go wrong!


This next favorite is a brand; REFORMATION! Reformation is a middle-price range brand that highlights sustainable fashion practices. Though the clothes are not cheap, they are not as expensive as A.L.C., Alexis, or Veronica Beard (still love these brands bunches), making them more affordable to a younger audience, but nonetheless, they are still high-quality products. I am currently into a much more classic and timeless style than trends for the reasons of aesthetics but also sustainability. Not buying clothes based on eclectic trends that will not be timeless can be wasteful in terms of pollution but also in terms of money. At a time like this, it is important that we are aware of our impact on waste production and pollution. I will link some of my current favorite pieces from their website, as well as a link to learn more about their specific sustainability practices! I will also provide a link below to the first piece I ever wrote for this blog, which touches on topics like the effects of fast fashion, and how to do your best to not contribute to the cycle of production and pollution. Remember to do your best to shop smart!


Wide-brim felt hats are and have been one of my biggest obsessions! Specifically the felt ones, that have more of a Western look to them. There is something so classy about them! They are perfect for upcoming football gamedays when you need to protect your face from the sun, but also to accessorize any outfit! You will get a lot of use out of a neutral, but also can spice it up with a color!


I have been wanting one of the Marni Tropicalia Bags for the LONGEST time. I love the woven basket look as it is perfect for summer! The size can fit everything I need to keep in my purse: my phone, my wallet, my car keys, and some lip gloss. Pick whatever color you feel best suits you, and enjoy your bag of the summer! I’ll leave some pics and links to my favorite colorways below!


In my opinion, one of the most timeless pieces you can keep in your closet is a pair of high-waisted structured shorts. These shorts have stayed in the fashion light from the time of the 1930s, when women were first allowed to wear shorts in public, into the 90s a time of understated elegance sported frequently by stars like Jennifer Anniston, and all the way to the present. If these shorts have not gone out of style once in the past 100 years, knock on wood, they won’t anytime soon. These shorts are better sported in neutrals like white, tan, gray, and black, but look great paired with both neutral and colorful tops. They are the perfect shorts for summer! I loved them paired with a loafer or mule, a chunky knit sweater on top, and a pair of chic mini sunglasses. Everyone should have a pair of these elevated basic shorts in their closet.

HAPPY SUMMER! I hope y'all enjoyed this one! Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below!



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