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April '22 Favorites

Hey friends! Welcome back to My Favorites series!! School has kept me so busy, and so last month I had virtually no time to put together a list. But this month, I'm back and better than ever. With the school year slowly but surely coming to a close, I cannot wait to have more time to invest into this brand, and blog! Yayayay! Anyways, stay tuned for some fun content in the next few months... For now, enjoy my April favorites :))))

To start us off I wanna talk about my new fav color.... Chartreuse. Controversial, yes I know. But let me tell you, this color has hit the runway harder than you would even imagine. Funky and fun, this can add spice to any outfit that may be lacking spunk prior to this addition. Make it the cherry on top with an accessory in this color, or make it the centerpiece by wearing a dress in this shade. Either way you will be sure to catch some attention whilst looking stunning.

Next up... the V-shaped bodice. This style adds a bit of playfulness to your typical mini dress. A great look for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. The dip in the bodice creates a very flattering effect on the waistline. Will definitely be adding a piece similar to these dresses to my wardrobe in the next few months.

SETS SETS SETS!!!!! Man oh man, I have been loving a good set. Not only one but TWO pieces of fun. I love a good cohesive look, so fun, and so classy. Makes throwing on an outfit and styling it so much easier. From high-end sets to workout sets, I adore them all.

Brand feature of the month alert!!! Poppy Lissiman has been killing the bag game, and I have been loving this brand’s stuff! From the drawstring bag, to the fanny pack, I am in love. The bright colors can spice up any outfit, and the unique designs are sure to make your outfit stand out in a room full of canvas tote bags, no hate tho, still love a good tote ;))

And last, but most definitely not least. MICRO SKIRTS!!!!! Micro Skirts have taken over the runway. This Y2K throwback has been everywhere lately. Miu Miu has done it best once again. These skirts throw it back to the Polly Pocket days, and I am obsessed. I love the spunk that these add to any look. Extra cute when paired with a good tall boot! 10/10 from me <3

Thanks for giving this post a read! I hope you enjoyed :) cannot wait to be more active. Stay happy and healthy, and I'll talk to y'all soon.


Ava <3

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