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January '22 Favorites

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Hey Fashion Lovers! Welcome to my series of favorites! I started this monthly series on my Instagram last month, but thought it considerably more convenient to do the series here! Click on the links at the bottom of the page to shop some of the trends I will be covering. I’m so excited to see what trends play out during this upcoming year.

One of my favorite parts of the New Year is taking my picks as to what I think may be popular this year. Though this post is a list of my favorites, some of my favorites tend to fall in the category of trends I think are going to make appearances in the fashion world in the near future! Here are some of the items and trends I am loving right now. Enjoy!

First up; the Pleated Pant! The pleated pant is a clean cut minimalist pant that everyone should have at least one pair of in their closet. The best part of this pant is that depending on what you wear it with you can wear it in any season, without being too warm or cold, or breaking any fashion rules. Depending on how you style this pant it could play into both the highly fashionable street style, or the always popular preppy aesthetic. They could be a perfect basic in your closet, or a statement piece depending on the color. If you want a more leisurely look, with a more street style-esque, model-off-the-job type vibe, go for a cropped hem version.

To elevate your look wear a longer hem pair, and style it with a sassy pair of platform shoes to avoid the pant from dragging. Speaking of platform shoes….

Next up: PLATFORM SHOES!!! Platforms in all styles my friends; sneakers, clogs, sandals, all of the above. I am in love with them. Being a mere 5’2 I don’t mind the extra inches that these shoes provide. When paired with a good pant they give the allusion of a longer leg, which personally I love the look of, especially in photos! They’re more fun and funky than the average sneaker or sandal, and I am always looking to stand out in terms of my fashion choices. They can

elevate a classic look, by giving it a little sass! In places where the main method of transportation

or travel is walking, a pair of platforms is imperative. They give you a high fashion look, without

having the discomfort that is accompanied with wearing heels while walking long distances. Super fun!

I don’t know about you guys, but where I live the past few days have been

unbearably cold. I definitely could have used some extra accessories to keep warm. That being said let’s transition to another piece that is all over the runway recently, and that most definitely will keep you warm in cold temps; the Balaclava! This spunky trend hit the runway over this past year, more times than I can count. Featured in many shows of multiple well-renowned designers like

Gucci, Christian Dior, Moschino, and Balmain, this hat took the world by storm. Fashion icons, both Beyonce and Kanye, have been spotted sporting these as of late. The Baclava has a super interesting history too! The hat originated during the Crimean War of 1854, at the Battle of Balaclava, where English soldiers were forced into combat under strikingly cold temps. They used these hats to keep their faces, necks, heads, and ears all warm. I wonder if you had told those soldiers that 160 years later that these things would be popular on the runway, what they would have said. This piece is definitely a statement, some versions more than others however. Stand out with a bold pattern, or throw one on for functionality in a cool neutral. Either way you will stay warm through these cold winter temps thanks to the Balaclava, and in a fashionable manner too.

Alright, alright. Let’s bring it back to some more leisurely fashion now. Let’s talk denim. At this point, most know that straight and wide leg jeans are the go to style in terms of fit, over this past

year. So this denim trend falls into that category, yet still adds a little more spice. The split-hem! A simple pair of straight leg jeans can be a little boring, but nonetheless 100% functional. However, when adding the split hem to the mix, it draws the eye a little more, and adds a fun flair to the always-classic denim pant. The slit in the hem of the denim shoes off a shoe, the way a slit in a skirt would show off your legs. Pair these jeans with a fun shoe to create a laid-back, but fashionable look!

Now back on the more luxurious end of things, we have a new favorite for me; the Black Toe Cap Heel, or boot. This trend made popular by Chanel is a classic from the early 1900s, that can be paired with almost any outfit to achieve the old money aesthetic that everyone has been raving about. Pair them with a classy midi skirt and blouse for the more

traditional outfit, or pair it with a cropped hem denim for a more contemporary look. Always classy, always chic, and most importantly always versatile.

Last but most definitely not least…jumpsuits. The easiest piece of clothing you could possibly own. Grab a cute jumpsuit, throw it on, pick out a fun pair of shoes, and a cute bag, and you’re out the door. No standing in your closet trying to find what top will go with which pant, and if that top with that jacket matches. Nope, just one step. There are so many different vibes of jumpsuits too. You have the flared pant with a fun pattern for a 70s inspired look, or the tight all black catsuit, or the head-to-toe denim, etc. No matter which you pick

however, in a jumpsuit it's guaranteed you will look stunning.

Thanks for tuning in to my January favorites! Let me know which you will be sporting this year in the comments below!


Pleated Pants:

Platform Shoes:


Split Hem Denim:

Black Cap Toe Heels:


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